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The enchanting Northern Coast of Lake Garda

The northern coast of Lake Garda belongs to the region called Trentino, in which the little town of Riva and Nago-Torbole lie on crystalin waters. While a little bit up in the outback there is Arco.

Arco is located perfectly between the mountains and the lake, where  you can relax for its spectacular views and fresh air.

In particular, it is worth a visit to Villa Arciducale, realised by Arciduca Alberto d’Asburgo, who made this house its winter Mansion; this place is surrounded by a beautiful park, l’Alboreto, where tropical and mediterrean plants grow. However, for another breathtaking panormanic view, you must visit Arco Castle, which dominates on a rocky shore on Sarca river. But this town is also renomated for its free-climbing activities, and it was chosen for the Rock Master event, a worldwide sport competition which calls athletes from all over the world.

Then, coming closer to the water, there is Riva, known for its amazing location by the water, but also for many sport activities occurring here, bike rides, walking paths, tennis and many more. In addition its Mediterrean climate allows the growth of lemons, olives trees, laurel and other typical herbs. So why don’t you take a break for a nice Italian meal after a rocky hike or a windsurf discover? Anyway, there is always history behind the beauty; in this town you can visit the XII C. la Rocca (today Museum), la Torre Apponale (ancient market and Fair centre) and Palazzo Pretorio, which shows headstones from Roman and Medieval Ages. And if you want to take a bit of exercise for a spectacular view, you could climb on Bastion, a Venezian Fort of XVI Century (‘500) located on 200 m. on a rocky hill.

If you are on the top side of the Lake you cannot miss the very unique town of Nago-Torbole. Nago is located on a mountain with a latitude of 200 m., while Torbole lies on the lake waters. Nago, also part of Parco Naturale del Monte Baldo, has the particularity of its houses that are located as amphitheatre. If you want to take some unique memories, by walking on the top of Castle Penede (XII C.) you can also admire the river Adige valley.  Because of the perfect constant winds and the lack of transit for boats, Torbole, instead, is a special heaven for water sports, such as windsurf and sailing. The image of people ready for a mountain bike ride or a surfing adventure, is something very special to see.

However, originally, this town developed as a fish town, for its harbour and its protected location. In fact Goethe described this village as ‘ the place where lemons grow’, for the unicity of the winds and beautiful landscapes. So, don’t miss a visit to Nago-Torbole if you want to combine a bit of exercise with pleasure.





by Matteo Pasqualotto

26 September 2017