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Explore Verona and its Region

Sagre di paese

In Verona and its surroundings there are many local and seasonal events called Sagre di Paese. These Fairs or Festivals aim to celebrate typical local dishes and special gastronomic traditions from the local territory. The countryside of Verona is a very popular area for producing corn, rice and kiwi.[...]


The marble of Verona

Verona was founded in I Century b.C. and it is defined as UNESCO historic town because of its architecture and urban structure, and as fortified town which has maintained many artistical elements along 2000 years.[...]


Do you know the best osteria in Verona?

Originally Osteria was a place for serving wine and simple food for a male majority audience. Then, as times changed, this place became popular for everyone to share ideas and have a relaxing time; in fact Osteria has always been affordable and cheap to be attended mostly by travellers or merchants. Even nowdays the menu' served are usually short and made of local products. The real meaning of Osteria is the tasting of some local wines with very typical seasonal dishes; some places still serve small portions, while others prefer to bring you a very unique meal, but still very simple. However some Osterie became Trattorie or Restaurant, as their price started to be a bit more expensive.[...]