The journey of music

Verona is a unique town located in a very particular landscape; Valpolicella valley on the east, Lake Garda on the west side and the Dolomiti Mountains on the north- east, towards the Alps.


STREET ART Festival in Valpolicella

A quiet original event is Valpolicella Buskers. This Festival is organised by the Cultural Association Multitraccia and it occurs in the heart of Valpolicella Valley. Marano Town Hall is the project partner. It is a 2 days June event, which celebrates local street music, theatre and art, offering a wide range of craft beers and local wines, in combination with the typical food from Valpolicella. It is set in the village of Purano, half an hour from Fumane and it can be reached with a minivan from the village at the bottom of the hills. The setting is very intimate, with stages between the houses of the village (borgo), maybe in a house yard or back garden. It is a free of charge event, but any donations on their website is always appreciated for the volunteers involved and the support for next seasons. In addition, while listening to some music performances or a dance show, you could taste some of the cherries from the local farmers, who set up a little stand just outside their home. Very local style.


MUSIC Festival in Roman amphiteatre by Lake Garda

Only an hour away by car from Verona you can reach one of the best historic monument in Italy, il Vittoriale degli Italiani. This hidden place between nature, culture and beauty is a complex of buildings and it was built, between 1921 and 1938 in Gardone Riviera, by the poet Gabriele D’Annunzio with the help of Giancarlo Maroni. This is an historic memorial of the Italian poet and the soldiers of 1° World War. You can visit D’Annunzio house inside, or have a walk into the garden for an historic exploration of the past. D’Annunzio was not just a poet but also a soldier, as the Museum of the War (1915-1918) has been named ‘D’Annunzio eroe’, in order to celebrate his war gestures. So, if you are interested in the Italian history you should also take a visit to this house. Nowdays the old open amphitheatre has become a concert Arena and the summer event is called ‘Tenere a mente’. Many music concerts take place during the Festival and famous International artists have been invited to play, such as Lou Reed, Patti Smith, Ludovico Einaudi, Franco Battiato and many more. This could be a pleasent evening to appreciate the quietness of Lake Garda while being immersed in an historic Mansion House.



If you are passionate about classical music, you could instead explore a very unique Violin Concert called Gasparo da Salo’. Arrived to its 59° Edition in 2017 it is located in Salo’, a west side town of Lake Garda during July and August with four events. As an International Festival it has hosted famous names such as Uto Ughi, i Filarmonici Romani, or the emergent young Chinese Jingzhi Zhang.

For those more interested in celtic and folk music, instead, Castelli in Musica is a unique show set up on the Morenic Hills of Lake Garda. Still an International event, with its 14° Edition in 2017, it hosted Italian bands such as ‘ Connamara Lullaby’, a group from region Emilia, who was one of the first to play in Solferino for the early Editions. In 2017 the summer was warmed up by Django Clan, a french folk-swing trio, followed by ‘la Magna Canta’ a celtic band that bring sound and voices from the region Piemonte. For the future Programmes you can visit their websites.


CLASSICAL MUSIC in the Dolomites Mountains

But if you prefer something more unique and memorable, you could take part to a very particular trip to Dolomiti Mountains. Occurring between July and August there is a Festival called ‘I suoni delle Dolomiti’. These Mountains lie along three regions, Veneto, Trentino and Lombardia. For a journey of less than three hours you could take part to a sunrise concert of classical music on the top of the Mountain, maybe even after a walk with the artist. Because of the unicity of the landscape as UNESCO patrimony, Dolomites offer very natural stages in open hillside with mountain slopes on the background; after the show you will certainly go back home with a taste of beauty and an inspired soul. In 2013 among the artists invited, the Festival hosted Vinicio Capossela, the duo voice/trumpet Nina Zilli/Fabrizio Bosso, Neri Marcore’, Fiorella Mannoia and the violinst Mario Brunello. The full Programmes can be seen on their website. All the events are free, except the trekking tour.

by Matteo Pasqualotto

10 July 2017