The Medieval fairs

Verona is a UNESCO town. It is not only known for its urbanistic structure, but also for old medieval events that take places around Verona, such as Medieval Fair and old Villages shows.


Tocatì Festival

If you come to visit Verona out of the summer season in the middle of September you might be lucky enough to experience a typical event which takes place in the squares and the lanes of the city centre. It is called Tocati’. This is an International Festival of Street Games. These activities are the oldest and most traditional ones, and they are played in the street with wooden pieces or signs on the ground. We don’ t play these games anymore in Italy but if you ask to an Italian Granmother or Grandfather, they will definetely explain to you with an open heart. Now we all live in the Era of technology, so it is important to bring people together to live again the old culture of a Country. But this is a Master Festival. Once you walk into the square Piazza Brà, that you will visit during our Bike Tours or Walking Tours, you will be entertained by folkloristic music, and the different traditional games from Italian Regions. Playing is a way to meet new people and know their Community. It is also a way to discover the History, know traditions and go into deep in a culture.


The game involves social interaction and gives strength and cohesion to a community.


According to Associazione Giochi Antichi (Association of Old Games)

La vera vita del gioco sono i giocatori.
Il gioco è legato al territorio dove viene praticato.
La salvaguardia del gioco è anche salvaguardia del territorio.
Giocare può aiutare a conservare in vita le tradizioni di un territorio.
La scelta di giocare può essere una scelta di consapevolezza e non di pura evasione.
Il gioco è fine a se stesso, in un mondo consumistico e commerciale.
L’azione del gioco può essere ripetuta infinite volte, in partite diverse, che continuano a dare piacere e svago.
Il gioco implica interazione sociale e dà forza e coesione a una comunità

The real life of the game is the players.
The game is linked to the territory where it is practiced.
Safeguarding the game is also safeguarding the territory.
Playing can help keep the traditions of a territory alive.
Choosing to play can be a choice of awareness and not of pure evasion.
The game is fine to itself, in a consumer and commercial world.
The action of the game can be repeated infinite times, in different games, that continue to give pleasure and leisure.



Affi Medieval Festival


In June near Verona another typical Medieval Fair is organised; it is called Affi Festival and in 2016 the Edition 19° took place.  In the ancient Village (Borgo Antico) you will assist to a three days Re-evocation of the historic typical medieval culture. In addition there will be an animated rapresentation of ancient games, old crafts of artisan shops (or botteghe), such as battitura a ferro, filatura, ricamo (ironing, craft of spinning and embroidery).  While you watch two brave knights fighting against each others, for a moment you might be captured by the soft sound of an old harp or the heavy treshing of iron from the near ‘bottega’ shop. Then, from discovering a little square some jugglers might entertain your children, before a colourful and noisy parade pass you by.


San Martino and Solferino Historic Revocation

If you are more curious about the modern History, you could take a visit to San Martino and Solferino Historic Revocation. This has been the typical school trip that Italian grandparents used to take at school. The event happens on 24th and 25th June to remember the historic Battle of 24th June 1859, which inspired Henry Dunant for the idea of Red Cross.

Carlo Bossoli- Battle of Solferino (1859)


If you want to get more immersed into the past you could visit the Tower or Torre di San Martino della Battaglia and the Rock Fort or Rocca di Solferino, which is located south to Sirmione. From the Tower you could have a spectacular view over the countryside and if you are brave enough you can also visit the Museum where  the bones, from soldiers deceased during the War, are preserved: ‘Cappella Ossario‘. The rock Fort of Solferino is known as ‘ spy of Italy’; it is settled on the tallest mountain of Mantova with a big building. After being abounded in 1870 it has been renovated to become a Museum. Lastly don’ t forget to visit the ‘Memoriale della Croce Rossa’ (Red Cross Memorial) to come back to nowdays.



Festa di Soave

However, if you are more interested in the culture of wine you cannot miss the Fair of white wine Soave. This event takes place in May (19-21). While assisting to the Medieval shows or the Market of Crafts you can also taste the typical local white wine Soave in combination with special local dishes made by Local Chefs. This is one of the most commercialised wines in the world; it has a soft and dry taste with a little bit of bitter and intense flavour; the origin of its name might come from Svevi (Suaves), the population that arrived from the north with the King Longobardo Alboino, when the village was already a Roman pagus, or country district.

“E’ il vino della giovinezza e dell’amore,
non sarebbe più adatto per me,
carico di anni e amatore discreto come sono.
Ma io bevo in omaggio al passato:
se non mi ridà i miei vent’anni,
me ne ravviva il ricordo.

During this event you can assist to the historic revocation of the Stendardo of Venice, which is given to Soave district by the Doge of Venice, as a symbol of the town’ loyalty to Republic Serenissima.  Therefore this is just another magical blast in the past.

If you wish to visit one of these events, please contact us for more information or visit our section of Private Tours.



by Matteo Pasqualotto

15 May 2017

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